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DNSC Bundle (New)

535,50 incl. GST & Service Charge now,
then 142,21  / month

Healy Watch + incl. 3 months subscription costs for: HealAdvisor Search, HealAdvisor Digital Nutrition, Healy Watch Connector Module


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This bundle contains the Healy Watch hardware and the following monthly subscriptions:
Healy Watch Connector
HealAdvisor Search
HealAdvisor Digital Nutrition
The subscriptions can be cancelled monthly; if they are not cancelled, they will be extended every month by one month.* Please note: To activate the programs on the Healy and the HealAdvisor app, the subscriber’s email address must match the email address used to purchase the Healy with the entered serial number.
The cost for the first 3 months of the subscriptions is included in the bundle price. Starting from the 4th month, the regular monthly price for the 3 subscriptions applies.*


The Healy Watch is a digital lifestyle Wearable that measures and evaluates various vital parameters, providing optimal support for many life situations. The Healy Watch App analyzes your body-mind-soul balance on the basis of the measured data. In connection with the monthly Healy Connector subscription, it will find Healy frequency programs that are suitable for you.
With the monthly HealAdvisor Search subscription you can quickly and easily find Healy frequency programs suitable for you from within the large expert knowledge pool of the HealAdvisor Cloud.
With the monthly HealAdvisor Digital Nutrition subscription you can quickly and easily find suitable Healy frequency programs for bioenergetic support in the absorption of substances from food. In addition to that, a personalized grocery shopping list is created.*


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